In the Likeness of Jesus

You’ll often find in the Acts of the Apostles that the stories sound very much like the ones of Jesus in the Gospels.  That’s done by St. Luke on purpose.  The church is the continuation of the risen body of Jesus; the new community forms bonds of love and caring for each other that have their energy from no other source than the Holy Spirit.  This is done so much in the book of Acts that sometimes it’s called “The Gospel of the Holy Spirit.

Today’s episode with St. Paul recalls those of Jesus.  Like Jesus, Paul’s teaching is not in secret, but in public.  His persecution by the religious authorities, the profound love that the people have for him, make Paul and Jesus very much alike. Linger for a long time on the verse at the end of the chapter: what love the people had for Paul!

The verse for today is one to ponder often through the day…and then some.  At the end of your life, say with St. Paul—“That is what my life has been all about!”

Acts 20

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