Breakfast with Jesus

(Jesus to Peter) “Do you love me?” vv. 15,16,17

Going out for breakfast with family and friends can be a fun thing to do. It breaks the routine of just sitting down to the usual bowl of Cherrios (or whatever) woofed down rather quickly, so as not to be late for school.

Jesus does something wonderful, lovely and peaceful in the story of the Resurrection today—breakfast with his friends.  Join with the disciples in your imagination and feel the flow of what takes place. As at the beginning of the ministry, the disciples were hard at work fishing during the night.  It happens again!  A miracle of fish! Peter flashes back to the first miracle of the great number of fish caught, when he became a disciple…but then he thinks about the other night when he denied that he knew his master and friend.   He must have been a little sheepish there on the lake shore.

   A little “sheepish”…not a bad pun for what is going to happen!  Peter is given the chance to say how much he loves Jesus—three times…as many times that he denied that he knew Jesus that early Good Friday morning.  Jesus, holding no grudge—quite the contrary—has a peaceful time with them all that morning.  After hearing of the love that Peter has for him, Jesus says to Peter that he wants him to feed his lambs and his sheep.  Being a “Good Shepherd” is passed on to Peter….even in the face of what he did.

    No matter what we’ve done in the past, Jesus still offers us a place at breakfast with him and the gift of ministry to serve Jesus, each in our own way.

John 21:1-19

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