God’s Presence Flowing Down

 The word Torah is a rich and deep Hebrew word, hard to translate into just one word in English. The usual way of putting it is simply “Law.”  But that sounds kind of stiff and stogy—not a very warm term when it comes to learning about the flow of love that God wants to send to us.

Once again, dropping down into the root of the Hebrew word will give us its rich meaning—like the flowers we enjoy the most, have good strong roots.  Well, the root is “yara,” which means “to rain,” “to flow down,” and also, “to shoot” with direction as with an arrow.  Torah is all that God is sending down our way like rain from above.  It is God’s total presence to us with all that God brings: teachings, intentions, concerns…and yes, God’s laws.  We learn from Torah what God wants us to do.  Granted that many things have changed, there are some basics that remain—like loving God above everything and loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

Verse after verse flows in and out like breaths.  Link each breath with a verse.  As for the image of the arrow, God aims love and blessing at you all the time!

    Only a few more weeks and Jewish people celebrate the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai in the feast of Pentecost. Christians add to this “raining down” of God in the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles on the first Pentecost.  Jesus wants to rain down the Holy Spirit into our lives.  Right now, ask the Holy Spirit to flow down into your very being.

Psalm 119:49-72

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