Readiness to Suffer

Now here’s a twist in the book of Acts—a large section of the book where the first person plural pronoun, “We” is used.   It looks like St. Luke himself is in the picture and actually part of the stories he is telling as an eye witness.  He is a guide to Paul as they tour about the cities near the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

As you read, you’ll notice something similar with what happens to Paul and what happened to Jesus.  Both suffer at the hands of the religious authorities in similar ways.  But like Jesus, Paul’s eyes are fixed not on himself, but on the good that he can do.  Paul starts churches all over the place!

Stay close to Paul who is close to Jesus. You’ll learn from this great apostle some powerful qualities that you’ll want to draw into your life as you continue to grow.  Who knows what great things God has in store for you, if you believe and trust in the Lord as did the great apostle Paul!

Acts 21

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