Shaken into Peace

Later on that day, the disciples had gathered together,
but, fearful of the Jews,
had locked all the doors in the house.

Jesus entered, stood among them, and said,
“Peace to you.” v. 19

Today’s reading is a flashback to the night of the Resurrection.  Sometimes in reading the Scriptures we do that.  Dipping into these stories is like going back and forth from our past to our present.  That’s what journal-keeping is all about—re-entering the past so that it becomes alive for the present.

In this passage, we notice the great leap that the disciples make from fear to joy and peace…all because of the peace of Jesus.  The very first word out of Jesus’ mouth is “Peace.”  It’s not, “Hey, what happened to all of you these past days?  You deserted me?”  No, Jesus doesn’t take them on a guilt trip.  There is such a great peace about him that it becomes part of the very Resurrection that he shares with his friends.  They are shaken from their fears to a peace that will be a permanent part of the equipment that the Spirit gives them as they go out with boldness to preach, teach and heal like Jesus…and yes, to die in ways similar to him and to rise with him as well.

John 20:19-23

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