Spiritual Dimensions of the Temple

Imagine having lost the sacred Temple at Jerusalem and the whole city captured by the Babylonians.  How sad it must have been for the people, wrenched away from their homeland and taken away!  Fourteen years of sadness.

But then God gives a vision to the powerful prophet Ezekiel about a magnificent temple, many times bigger than the one that had been destroyed in 538 BC.  Hopefully you have a translation that makes the measurements into feet and yards, so that you can picture it.   The outer court is a huge square with sides 875 feet long…almost the length of three football fields!  You can make a scale drawing if you take a page of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper, folding it to make an 81/2 inch square.  Each inch would be about 100 feet.  Read quickly here, to get a feel of the temple as though you are glancing over the blueprints. Here is an illustration of the temple http://pauljab.net/temple/TemplePictures.html

God has something in mind other than to make Ezekiel the architect of such an immense temple.  There are dimensions beyond the physical—spiritual ones—for the people to find in the greatness of this temple— something they could imagine that would bring them close to God and hope for the future.  The very energy of the vision told the people that it meant something beyond the physical…like the catacombs of Rome meant something beyond this earth: they were doorways to heaven! 

Notice how Ezekiel’s temple faces the four directions, as though it stretches out to touch the entire expanse of the earth.  What great walls to provide protection from hostile forces without! Think about this as you face north, south, east and west.

The temple of Christ’s body in which we live…think about it.  Jesus’s risen body is like an immense temple.  Ask Jesus to tell you about its special, spiritual dimensions.

Ezekiel 40—42

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