The Challenge to Rebuild the Temple

Now we turn to another architect of a temple who was also the general contractor—the one responsible for actual construction.  This was a rebuilding of Jerusalem and its temple that actually took place, thanks to the permission of King Artaxerxes of Persia.  Persia swallowed up Babylonia and was much more kind to God’s people.

As big as was the design of the temple which Ezekiel saw, much larger was the actual wall around the city that Nehemiah built to give safety for the rebuilding of the temple within.  He had a 1.5 mile, 8 foot thick wall built.  What a job!  What made it ever harder is that they had to use one hand for the tools to build it, the other to old weapons to keep off jealous enemies who wanted to destroy what was happening.   Chapter 3 is like a great memorial built to honor those who helped out.

 When God calls us to do something and we say yes, there’s an immense amount of energy available for us to complete God’s work.  As you read the story of the rebuilding of the temple, the Spirit will give you energy for your own future which you are building right now; you are called to make a real difference to God’s people when you take on your life’s work.  While you prepare to do this and actually be engaged in your work, God will give you the spiritual weapons to protect you from your enemies.  The only offensive weapon will be the very Word of God.  See what the letter to the Ephesians says about all this in chapter 6, verses 13 to 18.

Nehemiah 1—4

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