In your unfailing love, spare my life;
then I can continue to obey your decrees. Psalm 119:88 See also v. 79

A train going across the separations in the tracks…your bike on the sidewalk making regular bumps crossing the concrete pieces—the verses of this psalm are like that. The rhythm and repetition of familiar phrases that say similar ideas, is meant to work its way into our spirits, in much the same way that the rhythmic sound of a train or your bike, as well as how the rhythms of quiet music, relax us and draw us toward peace.

The word we’re going to focus on today means much the same as what I’m saying here. The Hebrew root of the word edah, translated as “decrees” or “testimonies,” is uwd which means “to repeat” or “to go around”.  Edah is a word from the courts.  If a defense attorney is going to win a case, his or her witnesses have to go around the same pathway of truth and repeat similar things, so as to be consistent.  If you have ever told a lie, you know how hard it is to let everything about what you are saying to hang together!

I suggest that you often repeat the word, edah, throughout the day, making it part of the clickity-clack of the “train” of minutes and hours of the day! It’s like the pleasant sound of a train moving smoothly across the tracks…not the harsh, terrible sound if it derails!  Take this idea into your own life in God’s Holy Spirit.  Are you going forward consistently, with habits that further your spiritual growth, or are being derailed somewhere along the line?

Psalm 119:73-96

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