Wounds: Jesus’s and Ours

Caravaggio – The Incredulity of Saint Thomas 1601-02

Then Jesus told Thomas, “You believe because you have seen me.
Blessed are those who haven’t seen me and believe anyway.”

John 20: 29

The stories in the Gospels are so wonderful that they need to be retold again and again.  That’s why you’ll find that Gospels on Sundays will be repeated on Fridays.  

We turn once again to the story of Thomas and focus on some details that we didn’t consider when we told the story on the Second Sunday in Easter.  Take the demand of Thomas to put his fingers and hands into the wounds of Jesus so that he could feel for himself that it was truly Jesus.  When the Lord appeared to him, do you really think that Thomas went ahead with his plan?  Very soon he found that Jesus wanted to place his hands into the wounds of fear and discouragement in Thomas’ soul…and ours as well!  We, into Jesus’ wounds…Jesus into ours—a way to understand a spiritual aspect of our mystery of living in Jesus: we live in him and he lives in us.

Living in Jesus: what are the ways that you experience this by faith? What are the areas that need to improve?  Thinking as pastor, I long that the community that gathers to worship on Sundays would more and more sense itself as part of the body of Jesus, so that we might enter into the hurts and wounds of each other and find Jesus there.                      

John 20:24-31

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