Take Time to Be Holy

Carved into the concrete arch over the front door of a seminary I attended were these words:  “May they seek God in all things.”  This was a saying that Ignatius of Loyola in Spain used to encourage his companions to be open to find God in everything.  Wouldn’t that be amazing…that there be absolutely nothing that cannot make a link to God’s presence!  Even the terrible things that we see on TV or the stories in the Newspaper…God is there in the suffering of the people, in the call for us to pray and intercede for the circumstances that are bringing so much pain to so many.

This is what it means in the book of Leviticus to be holy.  One of the ways to find God in everything is to especially find God in some things.  This is the reason for describing the Sabbath and the basic festivals for the Hebrew people.  Like rest stops along the highway, so were the festivals intended to be times to stop, relax and sense God as Lord of the whole journey of life.  By making stops on a trip, we can enjoy what’s left of the journey and be more open to continue to find God along the way.  Life is like that.  “Take time to be holy,” as a hymn says, so that your whole life can be holy.

Leviticus 23:1-8

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