Joy in Facing East

A fresh, clear, bright sun rises in the east… It’s going to be a beautiful day!  The moment of catching the rising of the sun is such a wonderful experience.  We often feel joy, hope, peace and happiness when we see a sunrise.  That time of day has power in it for connecting with God.  That’s why we have Easter sunrise services; the rising sun is a sign of the Resurrection. 

There’s a word in ancient Latin for the rising of the sun, oriens, from which we get the word “orientation.”  To be basically oriented is to know which direction you are facing.  When students begin college, for example, there’s an opening time called “orientation.”  That’s so that first year students will get to learn where everything is located.

God wants the new temple to face east as a way to have the people get excited about the new life that God is going to bring. It’s in the eastern door that the glory of God enters the temple. There used to be a tradition of having churches face east.  Jewish synagogues face Jerusalem; Islamic people pray toward Mecca.  When we face east, we pray for the whole world that everyone be open to the joy and love that God wants to bring to all people. Try it: face east and pray for the world that all be one and in harmony with one another.

Ezekiel 43:1-12; 44:1-4 

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