Shake Out the Dust

So many of God’s leaders were challenged by enemies; Nehemiah was one of them.  When God wants something great to happen through someone, all sorts of meanness  tries to get in the way.   Chapter 5 begins with the extraordinary needs that the people had.  Feel the power of the gesture of Nehemiah shaking out the fold of his robe. He does this so that the people will be shaken out of their resistance to what God wants.  When a coat we don’t use very much collects dust, we give it a good shake to make it fresh.  Then there’s spring cleaning when we really shake things out and throw out or give away what we don’t need.  

Whenever you come upon a long list of names in the Bible, don’t think you have to read them all, just to say that you read the Bible!  When you visit a memorial such as the one dedicated to the soldiers that died in Vietnam or World War II or the victims of the Holocaust when millions of Jewish people were murdered, you stand impressed by the long list.  Another impressive memorial is on Ellis Island in New York harbor which has engraved on rows and rows of stone, all the families that came to the United States by ships around the turn of the Twentieth Century.  

There’s another list that’s growing: those who follow this Bible plan…and you’re on the list!

Nehemiah 5—7

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