Engraved in the Heart

The suffering you sent was good for me,
for it taught me to pay attention to your principles (statutes)

Psalm 119: 71.  See also vv. 54. 64 .68

Yesterday I mentioned about engraving names on memorials.  There’s something about printing that way that is very impressive as names are literally “impressed”—engraved on the stone.  The feeling is that the memorial will last forever. Official documents are sometimes engraved, or at least have a raised seal on them, such as birth and death certificates.  Prescriptions for medicine are official documents too.

Lying beneath the word for “statutes” in Hebrew is the notion of a law engraved.  Like the Ten Commandments, such commands are to last forever The Hebrew word for “statutes” is choq.  It’s pronounced with a strong sound from the back of the throat. It’s as though the very word comes from being “engraved” inside us.

The writer of this psalm looks for something more permanent that outlasts the sufferings in his life. Without that hope he might not have looked at the lasting quality of what God wants.  

God has a “prescription” for you in your life that is engraved on God’s heart…and on yours! 

  Psalm 119: 97-120

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