The Straighter Way to Joy

As you read about the adventures of Paul and the hassles he had with the religious leaders, doesn’t it remind you of what happened to Jesus?  There are many similarities between Paul and his beloved Jesus.  Then there is the joy of Jesus appearing to Paul once again, assuring him that all that is coming against him will help him to get to the great center of the world at that time—Rome.

What comparisons do you find when you include yourself with Jesus and Paul?  Now I don’t suppose that you have people out to kill you for your beliefs, but maybe there are jealous and nasty classmates bullying you or others serious about following Jesus and his law of love.  In any event, be sure and jot down important phrases in your journal that have something to say about the way you are called to live your life.  For example, when we’re excited about something coming that we want, we don’t like to wait for it.  Look at the two years that Paul was kept back by evil persons from doing what the Lord was calling him to do.  Yet look at the opportunity Paul had to continue to grow in his relation with Jesus and to trust that Jesus would make Paul’s ministry even better than ever!  When we trust in the Lord to direct the course of our lives, then the waiting allows God to make an even better, straighter way to joy in serving Jesus…even when others want to make the way crooked!  

One more thing: what similarities do you see between the governor, Felix, and Pilate who condemned Jesus?  It’s intriguing to compare the book of Acts with the Gospels…and to do the same with our own lives!

Acts 23—24

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