Blended Breaths

When we breathe, we do something basic about how God is: Spirit!  The root of the word “spirit” means to breathe.  

Jesus prepares his disciples for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  We will celebrate this great festival two weeks from today.  Jesus is the breath of God made flesh.  

Here’s a way that you can share in making God’s breath real to others through you. Spend some time inhaling and saying in your heart, “Yes” to your life—accepting it, all that it is, such as it is.  The Holy Spirit enters you as air and fills your whole being.  Just as the air you breathe in takes the shape of your lungs, so picture the Holy Spirit filling every part of who you are.  As you exhale, surrender your life to God and those who need God in your life, imagining your breath blending with the Holy Spirit who breathes across the world and fills every open space with God. 

John 14:23-29

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