Time and Space as Sacred

When you distribute the land as an inheritance, you will set aside a holy portion of land for the Lord. It will be 7.1 miles long and 5.68 miles wide. It will be holy throughout the entire area. Ezekiel 45:1

How do the walls of your room face the four directions? Where is East—that’s an important direction as we saw in last Monday’s reading.  How is your “stuff” arranged?  I’ll bet you’ve tried to have it all fit and make some special sense to you. God made us to have our personal things in order.  There’s an expression I like: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  

Look at an analogue clock―the ones that have hands.  The hands move across the space of the face of the clock and give a feeling to each hour as it finds its place in the three-hour parts of each day: 6-9AM; 9-12PM; 3-6PM; 6-9PM, etc.  

Ezekiel has been busy setting up the space in and about the great temple he sees in his heart.  He puts back in order the special, sacred times for God.  Don’t get lost in the details of these chapters, but be sure to sense the general feel of things. Let the Holy Spirit tell you about what this prophet is saying and how this applies to your own life in practical ways. 

Ezekiel 45—46

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