Verses that Jump Out at You!

When I read the Bible, sometimes verses jump out of the page at me!  I may not know exactly why at first, but I take it that the Holy Spirit wants to get my attention.  It’s like what happens when someone taps you on the shoulder to have you look at something.  “Hey! Did you see this?” 

Here’s the verse that jumps out at me: “The joy of God is my strength.”  At first glance, we might thing that it should be “Joy IN God”—our joy.  Nope: it’s God’s joy!  Think of it: God is pure joy—all the time.  When things are not going well and we get scared or angry, remember this verse: the energy in God’s joy will give you strength, even when you might feel weak. 

What other verses jump out at you?

Nehemiah 8:6-12

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