Energy from the Story

Here goes St. Paul once again: a third version of the story of his encounter with Jesus! He is standing on trial again, as you will learn if you take a look at chapter 27.

Still, St. Paul has something new to say.  He recalls some words of Jesus to him in verses 16-18 that are very much to the point of where Paul is in his life as an apostle to people way beyond Jerusalem. The retelling of the story is not just for those hearing it, but for Paul too. He receives energy from the story by recalling to himself the power of Jesus at work in him.  

Here’s a verse from the first letter of John that I am reminded of as I listen to Paul: “Greater is the One in you than the one in the world” (4:4).  With the Spirit of God alive and active in you, there is no greater power.  So it was with St. Paul and St. John…and so it is with you!

Acts 26

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