Right and Wrong Fires

Imagine what it is like for Peter to stand in front of Jesus.  Ouch! He recalls what happened the night of Jesus’s trial.  Peter was standing before a servant-girl in the courtyard.  In that chilly evening, Peter was warming himself by the wrong fire!  He denied that he knew Jesus. 

Yet Jesus does not accuse Peter of his denial.  Instead, he asks Peter three times if Peter loves him.  Jesus does this three times to cancel out the three times that Peter denied Jesus back in that courtyard.                      

Peter was wrapped in fear that chilly night in the courtyard.  Now, standing in the early sunshine on the beach of the lake, Peter is warmed by the fire of Jesus’s love.  

When you get the chill of being afraid, picture Jesus standing in front of you, reminding you of the love of Jesus that God has placed in your heart…and of God’s love for you  Feel that fire inside…it will warm you and warm others.  It will be the right kind of fire! 

 John 21:15-19 

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