Get Ready!

They spent all their time in the Temple praising God.  Luke 24:53

There I was, sitting on the sidewalk in front of our driveway when I was four years old.  I was waiting for a birthday present to be delivered from a local toy store―a bright red wagon with wooden sides. I waited for a long time…finally, the delivery truck came and I was so happy. I recall enjoying the wait, since I KNEW that the wagon was on its way.  There was no time when I wondered: “Is the wagon going to show up?”

There came a time when Jesus in his risen body was no longer going to be visiting and teaching his disciples.  Last Thursday we recall when he ascended into heaven, forty days after Easter.  The disciples were told to wait in the Temple for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  While much greater than my joy was theirs, still there was something similar.  I knew the wagon was coming…they knew the Spirit was coming.  In both situations we were waiting with HOPE. I believed my mom and dad when they told me there was going to be a delivery of the wagon; the first disciples believed that the Holy Spirit would come.

Is there anything that you’re hoping for at this time…not merely wondering if something is going to happen, or expecting something that might or might not take place?  Hope is very comforting for it brings with it the assurance that something is really going to happen.  

Wait together these days with friends and family who believe with you in the coming of the Holy Spirit in new and exciting ways, a week from Sunday on Pentecost.  God gives you the gift of hope and assurance that this is really going to happen.  So get ready! 

 Luke 24:44-53

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