Music and Worship

Finally a wall around Jerusalem!  Think of it: after years and years of being away from their land, now God’s people are back and protected all about with this magnificent wall.  Now they can safely continue to rebuild the temple within the walls.

The dedication of the wall is a great event.  There is singing and a great band of musicians.  If you could take a balloon-ride over the area, you’d see two processions coming together from opposition directions entering the gates of the wall―something like what you would see from the air as cars goes up the ramps to a highway—a “clover-leaf” we call it. 

Music at worship is very important.  There have been a few very special times when God reached my heart through music, calling me to ordained ministry.

Listen to some music that sings praises to God. This will make you ready for the wonderful experience of worship as the singing of those present has you experience by faith that you are in the presence of God.

 Nehemiah 12:27-43

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