Seven Corks

Once again the number seven comes up—number of fullness and completion.   The psalmist prays seven times each day.  His day has a fullness to it—like seven corks holding up a net.   Be aware of these seven parts of the waking day that were formed from ancient times.  Find some time to pray—even briefly― at the beginning of these times. They are like seven gates into the next part of the day, leaving off the quarter part of the day that has just happened. Here are the times: : 1: Pre-dawn praise  |  2: 6—9am  |  3: 9am—12pm | 4: 12—3pm |  5: 3—6pm  |  6: 6—9pm | 7: 9pm—retire and night prayer. 

The final Hebrew word we consider is mishpat which means the “verdict” in a court setting. It’s translated above as “everything running right.” The word carries with it the sense of what God really wants from us and what God has a right to expect from us. What are some areas of your life where God wants you to grow? 

Psalm 119:145-176

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