Rome and Paul—Face to Face

The end of the Book of Acts fulfills the promise of Jesus made in chapter 1, verse 8: through the power of the Holy Spirit, the disciples would witness to Jesus in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the very ends of the earth.  For the ancient world, Rome and its empire stretching to Spain in the west was understood as the end of the earth. 

Rome with all its power and might as a world empire, comes face to face with Paul, apostle of the new power and love of Jesus. This would be the beginning of a new and painful interaction between Christians and the power of Rome.  Persecution after persecution would follow…Paul would just be the beginning.Love, forgiveness and self-sacrifice win out over the power of evil. So it was then and so it is still now…even though it doesn’t look that way when we read the papers!

Acts 2728

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