Mind Your Own Business!

When I was a young, my brothers and cousins would sometimes say: “M.Y.O.B.”…”Mind your own business!”  For people young and old, it is often tempting to think about someone else and what they should be doing, rather than to examine ourselves.  There is an expression that goes like this: “If you are in somebody else’s head, there is nobody home in yours!”

Peter has the same problem in today’s reading.  After the great experience of expressing his love for Jesus after having denied him, Peter blows it. As Jesus invites Peter to follow him, hinting about how Peter is going to die, Peter asks Jesus, “What about this other disciple?”  Jesus reminds Peter to mind his own business!

It is important to think about what God wants for each one us, rather than spending time wondering what others should be doing.  Keep the focus of your attention on your following Jesus and not be concerned about what God’s wants from somebody else.

John 21:18-25

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