A Holy Meaning for Everything

Eleazar son of Aaron the priest, is to be in charge of the oil for the light, the fragrant incense, the regular Grain-Offering, and the anointing oil. He is to be in charge of the entire Dwelling and everything in it, including its holy furnishings and articles.
Leviticus 4:16

Let’s imagine… You’re on a camping trip with your family. You’ve enjoyed everything—swimming, biking, fishing, boating, as well as the table games with your family when it was raining outside.  But now it’s time to gather things up and go home.

While this is not exactly fun, since vacation is soon over, still there is joy and meaning that can be found in picking up.  Cleaning the camping gear, folding the tents and tarps neatly, putting everything in their proper place—all this care means that everything will be ready when you go camping next time.

God’s people in the desert were a people who camped and moved in a slow, careful manner through the desert to the Promised Land.  Today’s reading gives the instructions to the Kohan family, the special ministers that took care of all the sacred articles from the Tabernacle; that was a tent that was something like a portable church in the desert.  Each gesture has meaning…like the proper way of folding the American Flag.  

Everything that we do can have meaning―the way we keep our room neat and clean, the places where we put our stuff—all this can have a special, personal meaning for you as everything you do becomes a holy action. 

Numbers 4:1-16

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