Enough Is Enough!

Mountains are wonderful places to feel like you are on the top of the world.  The noise of cities and machines far below leaves a silence for God to speak to us.

   So it was for Amos, a shepherd prophet centuries before Jesus.  In the heart of Amos, God put a burden for all the sins that God’s people were committing down below the mountain—something like the sin of idol worship when Moses was on top of Mt. Sinai as the people down below were adoring a calf made of gold.

   Prophets give human voice to the voice of God that speaks from deep inside the heart.  Often, as in the case with Amos, God has some strong things to say to God’s people, because they just don’t get it―how they are to love and serve God before all else.

Have you ever heard your parents say, “Enough is enough!” when your parents are upset about something you continue to do that is wrong?    God is like that too.  God is love, but justice as well.  All the wrongs in the world need to be made right.  You are called to do your part.

Amos 2

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