Set Apart for God

The sacred tent for worship is completed, but there is still one more thing to do.  The first verse of the reading tells about this. There is a service of dedication in which Moses takes oil and anoints the tabernacle by rubbing olive oil at all the places and articles for worship.  For example, no doubt Moses took some oil and applied it over the doorway of the Tabernacle.

      With this gesture of Moses, the tent was set apart for the worship of God. It was not a restaurant or a dance hall, but a place of worship, only to be used to pray and praise God.

    Your room: it is not only a place to live, study, sleep, and have fun.  It’s also a place for prayer.  A good way to remind you and your family of the sacred aspect of your house is to be like Moses—anoint the doorways and articles in your house and room that especially remind you of the presence of God.  While you’re at it, anoint the members of your family too and ask them to rub oil on your forehead. You are all dedicated and consecrated to God.

Numbers 7:1-11

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