God Revealed

Shall we go to the movies, or go to the party?  I’ll bet you and your friends have argued about how you want to spend your time together sometimes. It’s like a tug-’o-war with two sides pulling against each other.

God’s people had been pulling against the ways that God wanted them to live.  As a result, they were taken captive to a neighboring country—dragged away from their homeland and forced to live as hostages in a foreign land with people who mocked God.

When captives were taken away, they were often stripped naked.  The word in Hebrew is galal.  But there is an amazing thing about this word: it also means “to be revealed―God exposing who God really is and what God wants.  

Sometimes when we suffer or feel ashamed, all we can do is trust in God.  This desire has us see and understand God’s Word very clearly.

Amos 3

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