The Holy Spirit Speaks within You

The Israelites leave the foot of Mount Sinai and renew their journey once more. Soon strife starts in again. The people keep their eyes on their need, instead of on the cloud before them by day and the pillar of fire by night—signs to them of the faithful presence of God. The fire begins to burn them, instead of leading them out of their misery, by a constant, faithful trust in the Lord.

The unique intimacy of God with Moses is described in the familiarity of their conversation. Moses places his need before God: others need to share the burden of the people that Moses otherwise has to carry alone. Watch what happens when the jealousy of Miriam and Aaron flares up.

Moses is described in 12:3 as the humblest man on earth. How are you when it comes to humility? Christ exalts the humble. If you are, God will be glorified, for he has made you part of a race of priests, prophets and kings!

 Numbers 11:22-29

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