The Power of Peace

In a matter of a minute or so, long years of a man out of his mind, comes to an end—all because of Jesus.  

What I find amazing about the story is how the people are used to this crazy person being around all the time, lurking about in the cemetery with who knows what strange behaviors.  As soon as the man is healed, a great peace comes over him.  But look what happens now: the people want Jesus to go away, because the man is healed at last.  They liked the man better when he was crazy than when he came to peace!  What power there is in peace, a power that the townspeople were afraid of.  They want Jesus to go away. “Let’s keep even the crazy things as they are…Don’t change us, Jesus!”

How sad—to settle for being unmerciful, unpeaceful, anxious, afraid and tense instead of longing for the peace that Jesus can bring us, just for the asking!

Luke 8:26-39

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