Restless in God’s Arms

Sometimes a little child resists being held or cuddled by a parent or close relative.  The child pushes away, wrestling and restless in the arms of the one who wants to give love. We all did this sometimes as little children.

Take this picture of wrestling and restlessness in your relation with God.  The writer of this letter does this when talking about God’s people rebellious and restless in the desert during the Exodus.  They push away from God, hardening their hearts and descending into unbelief.  Lack of faith prevented them from entering into the quiet rest in God that God wanted them to feel all during their long journey.  

Lack of faith on our part will do the same. Drop into your heart where the Holy Spirit is seeking to give you the faith to find peace beyond hard times in your life. You’ll pass right by things that poke at you from without. They try to take away your peace, but can’t do it…unless you too become restless in the arms of God.

Hebrews 3

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