A Bad King

When God called the Hebrew slaves from Egypt and promised them a new land and made them into a people, God himself was intended to be their king.  Why would anyone need anybody else? God had spoken clearly about this to the people through Moses and others like Joshua and the prophet Samuel whose hearts were given to God. However, you recall how unfaithful God’s people were.  They became more interested in having human kings just like all the other nations.  They didn’t want to be so different by having God as their king.  

  So God went along with the idea. You can read about what happened beginning from the 8th chapter of 1 Samuel.  In fact, much of the same history of that book and parts of 2 Samuel are retold in the books of Chronicles.

    Saul turned out to be a very bad start for Israel’s first shot at having a king.  He was jealous and spiteful―just filling his own head and heart with himself, instead of God.  God had to find a man after God’s own heart; he found such a person in David.

1 Chronicles 10:1-11:19

     The power shifts from Saul to David in today’s reading, beginning with the tragic end of Saul.  As you read this story, what most moves you about it?  Where do you think God is in all of this?  

Tuesdays are dedicated to the the History and Writings of the Hebrew Scriptures.

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