Resting in God

Here’s a riddle: do we draw water or does water draw us?  While we take a drink of water when we draw it from the reservoir, there is another sense in which water draws us…to lakes and streams and oceans.  There is something about being near water that gives us a feeling of rest.  Water draws us in times of vacation.

    Today’s chapter talks about God’s people who don’t want to rest in God, as by a clear and beautiful lake.  We are warned not to have hearts so stubborn as so many of our spiritual ancestors. We’re not supposed to keep on pushing and shoving and working in life, with no rest at all to stop and love those whom God has placed in our life.

   The reading teaches us that beyond a time and a place for rest is a person with whom to rest.  The reading tells about how much God’s Word is the way to feel that closeness to God.  Like a sword with two edges, God’s Word cuts right though our phoniness and seeks to reach us way inside and tell us about the possibilities in our lives.  As the final three verses of the chapter urge, let’s cling to Jesus who has gone into the eternal place of rest in heaven and wants us to feel that heavenly sense of rest for us while we are on earth.  

  When you are working with someone that you love, doesn’t it feel more like fun than work? That’s the way God wants us to live―enjoying our work and resting with God while God works through us. 

Hebrews 4

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