God’s Highway

I like EZ Pass on parkways, bridges and turnpikes.  It makes it possible to more move quickly through the toll gate and be in our way.  Yet the driver needs to slow down as he or she passes through the narrow opening for the car.

    Jesus uses a similar idea when he talks about the narrow door to heaven.  We need to slow down so as to pass through special spaces that give us a way into God’s thoughts and feelings about things.  The world is all over the place with so many energies in all directions. It’s as though people are not only not seeking out the narrow entries to continue on their way, but they are not even on the road!  The world doesn’t want God’s highway, but rather wants to be on dirt bikes and other off the road vehicles.

  Once again we see that each chapter of the Gospels contains short stories. In order to taste the goodness of God, we need to take them one by one.  Too much reading at once can overwhelm our thoughts and spiritual feelings. God’s Word is so delicious, that we need to enjoy it a little at a time.

Luke 13

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels. This being Year C,
the third year in the cycle, we generally read from the Gospel of Luke.

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