A Sad Anniversary

Anniversaries can be happy or sad events.  If you recall the death of a beloved relative, part of that day will bring a quiet silence and likely some sadness.

For Jewish people, the 9th day of their lunar month of Ab, is a day of great sorrow; this year it is August 10.  It’s the day way back in 586 BC that the first of two temples was destroyed by the Babylonians. Not only that, but the rebuilt temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.  On this day, Jews who observe this remembrance don’t eat anything at all. They read the whole Book of Lamentations.  The idea is that in reading that book, no only Jews, but everyone can feel with those ancestors who suffered so very much in the destruction of the first Temple. Even though the suffering was so great, still the people prayed to the Lord.  Notice this especially in the last four verses. No matter what they suffered, still they were aware that God was listening to them and would bring them out of the anguish that they were in.

What a good thing to remember!  No matter what is happening in your life that might be sad or frightening, God is present to you and is ready not just to listen, but to respond.

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.

Lamentations 5:15-22

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