The Carrousel

“We had to celebrate and be glad because this brother of yours was dead and is alive. He was lost and is found.”
Luke 15:32

I will never forget an experience I had many years ago while praying over this story of Jesus, “The Prodigal Son.”  I was sitting alongside a merry-go-round, the carrousel at the Riverside Park in Spokane, Washington.  I delighted in the music from the band organ that added to the fun of the riders.  I was thinking of myself as that younger son who had gone away.  I felt sad for the things that I had done wrong, but realized that my heavenly Father was loving and forgiving me.  It was as though the merry-go-round was the party that the Father had when the younger son returned.  Then all of a sudden, they played a song from the early 1950s that I had linked with my family: “Cruising Down the River on a Sunday Afternoon.”  I began to cry, as though I was saying to God, “I’m sorry for my sins,” knowing that God was forgiving me.

What do you think about when you read this story?  May it connect with you, just as it did for me.

Luke 15

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels. This being Year C,
the third year in the cycle, we generally read from the Gospel of Luke.

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