Touched and Healed by Jesus

Can you imagine: a woman crippled and bent over for eighteen years! She couldn’t look up to see the blue sky, but always had her face staring at the ground.

She comes to the synagogue one day.  Jesus is teaching. Maybe she hopes that something Jesus says will at least bring her some comfort.   However, she gets much more; Jesus heals her. She stands up and smiles at Jesus, as she is now able to see him face to face. 

Imagine that you’re the next one for Jesus to touch and heal.  You may not be a crippled person, but if you think about it, there’s likely some hurt you are carrying that needs to be healed.  Feel the touch of Jesus on your heart and be healed.

Look up at the blue sky and thank God for your life and how Jesus is with you at every moment.  Look at him face to face and thank him, the Father and the Holy Spirit, for giving you the gift of life. 

Luke 13:10-17

On Sundays we follow the Gospels from the Revised Common Lectionary.

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