Those Who Inspire

On and on we read about the story of evil kings and their evil deeds, desperate to hold onto power.  Good kings seem up against it, given that bad kings come before and after them, pressing them like bookends.

Recall what I wrote about yesterday and how the Bible is reflected in the life of Jesus and in our own lives.  Read about the special protection of God for Joash.  It reminds us of the protection God gave to Moses and Jesus in their births.

The holy priest Jehoiada was a great inspiration to Joash.  But when Jehoiada died, Joash slipped into the evil ways of the kings before him.  Who are the ones in your life that inspire you to be good and to prepare yourself for the special future that God has in store for you?

 2 Chronicles 22:10-12; 24:1-4;13-16

Tuesdays are dedicated to the the History and Writings
of the Hebrew Scriptures.

These Firestarters are from a new edition of The Bible Through the Seasons being developed for families with children. For the Firestarters in the original edition, I recommend the ebook.  You will have the entire program of well over a thousand of these introductions with you on your phone or table! Check the menu options at the site for more information.

How does the Word touch you?

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