Like the End of a Symphony

The only book of the Bible that has the word “Alleluia” in it, is the psalms.  However, today, the sound of Alleluia makes its way into today’s reading, the only time that Alleluia is found in the New Testament.  With great shouts, this sound of praising God happens four times in the first six verses of the reading.  

Just as the final five psalms begin and end with Alleluia, concluding this year of grace, so also does the Book of Revelation mount in songs of joy and praise as God wins out over evil. Like the end of a wonderful symphony where all the instruments are saying “Alleluia” in their own way,  so does “Alleluia” leap out as this year of God’s grace soon comes to an end; Advent is coming in a few weeks, the season of hope as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. 

Revelation 19

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the Book of Acts, and the Book of Revelation.

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