The Simple Gift of Life

As so often in the Psalms, the writer of Psalm 148 finds God in everything from the sun and moon to all God’s creatures.  Just because all these have been created, they praise God.

We humans, however, have a choice to either praise God or not.  Whenever we lose the awareness of the simple gift of being alive, then we can easily be led into “bad moods,” and other thoughts that have us become self-centered,  instead of God-centered. Like a fire going out, our sense of wonder and praise of God can become dim. 

Take a few minutes to simply be.  Feel the weight of your body, sitting balanced in a chair; watch the wondrous flow of your breathing in and out like gentle waves in a calm ocean.  Then there’s your heart, beating gently in the center of your body. Feel the simple gift of your life.  You will find gratitude and praise of God welling up from your heart.

Psalm 148

Wednesdays are devoted to the reading of the Psalms, one a week across the three-year cycle.

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