Good King Josiah

Like a great pendulum, swinging back and forth, so are the kings of Judah: good ones, bad ones, good ones, bad ones.  As we come to the end of 2 Chronicles, we listen to the story of the good King Josiah.  He expresses sorrow for all the great sins of past kings by ripping his clothes, an ancient sign of repentance.  He cleans up the Temple and makes it a wonderful place to worship God again, and to celebrate the great festivals, such as the Passover.

In the second part of today’s reading, you will learn about King Josiah’s great courage in the face of the wicked King Neco of Egypt.  King Neco tries to trick King Josiah and to get him to be totally afraid of King Neco and to surrender.  King Josiah would hear nothing of it.  He went into battle for God.  Though fatally wounded, he didn’t want to die anywhere but in Jerusalem…just like Jesus who died for us in Jerusalem.

 2 Chronicles 34:30-33; 35:20-25

What feelings and holy desires does today’s reading stir up inside you?   In Jesus, you are not only a priest, but also a king and a prophet as well!

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