Animals Smarter than Us?

When we brought our little Maltese puppy home, we gave him the name “Kewpie.”  It wasn’t very long before he would come when his name was called out.

God says that animals run to their masters when their name is called; but God’s people do not recognize when God calls out to them. Sometimes that’s the way it is with us!  Jesus said that the he is the Good shepherd who knows the names of his sheep and his true sheep run to him when they hear the sound of their names.

God is much more patient than any dog trainer.  He knows our weakness and our tendency to behave very badly.  But God’s love promises to take away our wrongs like a strong detergent that takes away deep stains.  Blood stains are among the strongest.  May you and I not be stubborn so that we can hear God’s loving voice calling out to us in many surprising moments, as we learned in the reading of yesterday.

Isaiah 1: 1-9; 18-20

Mondays are dedicated to the prophets.
This year in the season of Advent to Epiphany we read Isaiah 1-12

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