Two Paths

This week we are at the beginning of the three-year cycle of reading the whole Bible.  One hundred fifty-six Wednesdays lie before us-a psalm a week, with seven weeks for the longest psalm and the longest book in the Bible, Psalm 119.

 Just as Moses put a choice to the people before he died, about choosing life or death, so this first Psalm places before us these same two choices.  Good people are like the life-giving qualities of trees planted beside a flowing river.  These trees bear beautiful fruits.  Wicked people, on the other hand, choose death.  They are like the chaff of the wheat stalks that fly away to nothingness in the wind.

The journey lies before us.  Will you choose to stay close to God’s Word and live, or will you be like wicked ones who choose their own dead-end path!

Wednesdays are devoted to the reading of the Psalms, one a week across the three-year cycle.

Psalm 1

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