Joy Near the End of Life

Here is an old man whose wife is beyond the age to bear a child.  His name is Zechariah. We come upon him in the middle of the holiest place in the temple, begging for God’s mercy on behalf of God’s people.  His longing is all the more strong because of the deep sadness he feels, for he and his wife are alone without a child.

But a miracle is on its way!  John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus, is coming.  Listen to the promise given to Zechariah. He just doesn’t believe that his wife, Elizabeth, is going to have a child!  But in time he’ll know the joy of this promise.

Advent is a season of hope and joy, as well as a challenge to our faith to believe that God is going to act in ways we do not expect.  Is there something that needs to happen in your life that you decided is just not going to happen?  Wait…God may have a wonderful surprise for you!

Luke 1:1-25

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels. This Is Year A.
In Advent, we read the stories of the infancy of John the Baptist and Jesus.

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