Hay or Paper Receipts?

How dare you crush my people
 and grind the faces of the poor?
    says the Lord God of heavenly forces.
Isaiah 3:15

I have a question for you: Is Walmart, K Mart and all the other “marts” at the malls, really interested in Jesus’ coming? I doubt it. Oh, there are many employers and employees who love and follow the Lord; I’m talking about the mall and all its stores in themselves.  What happens with big companies is that they take on the feeling of being a great, huge, selfish person.

It all comes down to the day after Christmas—the end of the shopping season. Instead of the hay on which Jesus lies and the love for Jesus that Christmas is meant to bring, big stores just want to fill their greedy pockets with the long streams of paper receipts just as the hay fills the manger.  

Isaiah is a very strong prophet.  He’s not afraid to speak out when others object and become very angry at him.  But he has such a deep feeling about the things of God that he must speak up.  Does that happen to you sometimes?

Isaiah 3:6-15

Mondays are dedicated to the prophets.
This year in the season of Advent to Epiphany we read Isaiah 1—12.

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