A Seeing-Eye God

It is always wonderful and joyful to see a seeing eye-dog guide a blind person through intersections.  The blind person trusts the dog completely; the only thought of the dog is to care for his master and to be sure that he or she is safe.

Now I’m going to make a comparison between such a loving animal and the Lord…Hang on, now, and you’ll see what I mean.

Both Joseph the patriarch and Joseph the husband of Mary were once blind about what the future was going to bring.  But the same Holy Spirit that God sent into Mary that she might conceive Jesus, is also present in the two Josephs to guide them.

So it is with each of us: God is preparing your future and mine with the same loving care.  Even though the present doesn’t feel right and there may be all kinds of things that anger you, frighten you or make you sad, still as a “seeing-eye God,” the Spirit will lead you into a future of blessing. Will you let God do that?

Matthew 1:18-23

On Sundays we follow the Gospels from the Revised Common Lectionary.

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