The Link Between Heaven and Earth

We skip about thirty years of Jesus’ life from his birth, Epiphany and now his baptism.  All during these years his life has been quiet—nothing out of the ordinary from any other child or young adult in Nazareth.

With Jesus’ Baptism, however, this is about to change.  Yet he still begins as he has been living—just one among the crowd.  But John the Baptist knows how different Jesus is.  

When you read about the skies opening, feel the link between heaven and earth that Jesus makes.  He goes down into the Jordan, just as the others who wanted to be washed from their sins.  But when he comes out of the water, everything changes for Jesus and for us.  His ministry is about to begin. New love and power from God is going to be shared with all of us.  Let’s stay close to Jesus in all the changes that lie ahead in the coming three years of his life and our own future as well.

Matthew 3:13-17   

On Sundays we follow the Gospels from the Revised Common Lectionary.

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