God’s Protection All Around

People and their enemies—this is a theme that runs through the psalms and through history itself.  In the middle of this psalm-writer’s complaints to God about the person’s enemies and what God is going to do about them, there’s a verse in the middle that stands out from all the rest—our verse for the day. 

The verse is like the center pole of a tent that keeps it from collapsing.  David feels great protection, knowing that God is his shield.  A shield was the basic weapon of defense for people long ago; swords and arrows were the weapons of attack. 

May you and I find comfort in knowing that God is our shield, protecting us from our all enemies…especially the ones of the spiritual world.  May we find comfort in God’s protection above us, beneath us and all around us.

Psalm 7

Wednesdays are devoted to the reading of the Psalms,
one a week across the three-year cycle.

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