I’ll bet you’ve played tug-o’-war with your friends.  What would happen if at a set moment, the players on one side of the rope were to just let go?  The other side would fall to the ground.

Take this idea and let’s see how it applies to Paul’s list of bad things and good things.  Evil is something like a tug-o’-war game.  I want what I want and I pull against whatever is against me.  When we let go of this kind of self-centered game, we also let go of the pull that others make on our lives.

The list of good things that Paul makes, on the other hand,  are the blessed gifts that comes when we let God take us where God wants to. We let God win, as it were. Holding on to where the Lord wants to take us by God’s love and grace.  Let God win, so that the game will be over!  When the game is over, God’s life begins.  When we cling to the Lord’s love and grace, some beautiful qualities begin to be expressed in us.  Check out the list of the nine fruits of the Spirit that Paul tells about.  All of these come from God; the selfish and sinful ones come from ourselves without God.  

How does the reading for today have you feel about how your life is going?

Galatians 5:16-26

Thursdays are dedicated to the New Testament, except the Gospels. 
This year in the season of Advent to Epiphany
we read the letters of Titus, Philemon, Galatians and Philippians.

Thursdays are dedicated to the letters of Paul, other letters,
the Book of Acts, and the Book of Revelation.

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