Might and Money

The ancient nation of Assyria was just too much!  They boasted at being the most powerful country in the world…and they were, when it came to their army.  So strong had they become that they even took on God and said that the God of Israel couldn’t do a thing against them!  Oooo…!  That doesn’t sound very safe, to say the least!  Assyria is like a bragging person who thinks that he doesn’t need anyone.  God let Assyria have it, because of the way they were.

To make the point very simple to God’s people,  Isaiah asks some questions which are the verse for today.  What thoughts can you add when you think of today’s world and its nations?   So much happens where people think that they have all the power of might and money.  

Pride: it’s at the top of the list of sins because it breaks the first of the Ten Commandments—not to worship false gods.  People who put might and money before God have made might and money their gods.

Isaiah 10:12-15

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.

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